Holograph™ Business Cards

Holograph™ business cards are specially crafted using 2 to 3 images to create a holographic image that transitions from one image to the next as the angles of perception change. You can call it 3D or even 4D illusion. 

These business cards are the ultimate presentation when you want to make maximum brand impact. Trust us, they will remember you.

Holograph™ cards are multi-layered and combine for a total of 21pt thickness. These are heavy and dense business cards ready to make a lasting impression on your audience.

Holograph™ is also known in the industry as 4D Lenticular Printing. Transitions are available only on the front side but you can include full color printing on the back side.

Designer Notes:
We need separate files for each of the images you want for transitions. Setup like standard business cards but simply create a separate file for each of the images.

Step 1. Select Your Options


Front and Back 
Front OnlyFront and Back

No. of Transitions 
2 Images3 Images

Production Times
Standard 5-7 Bus. Days

Total$ 158.00

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Estimated Total$ 158.00
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