It breaks down to a few simple steps.

1. Browse the products and make your selection.

2. Fill in the options

3. Choose from the 3 tabs below options to upload your own print ready artwork, pick from thousands of predesigned templates to customize, or create from scratch.

4. Preview artwork and if everything looks good submit order.


To access the online designer, you need to select a product, choose the appropriate options, then choose either "Browse" templates or "Custom" design buttons below on the product page.

The designer will look familiar to MS Word. It's rather intuitive and fun to use. With just a few basic design tools, you can create dynamic artwork to captivate and brand your business or organization.


Our website has a built in quotation system. To request a quote, please log in or create a new account to access your account dashboard. From the dashboard, select "My Quotes" and create a new quote request.

Fill in the form and provide additional information in the comment section and submit. 

We will update your quotation through your account portal where we will provide pricing and additional information. If everything looks good to you, simply click on the "Order" button under ACTIONS to place your order.

You can also upload artwork through the quote system in your account.

PRODUCTS utilizes both offset and digital technologies to fulfill the needs of our clients. Typically, digital printing shines at low quantities where quick turnaround and lowering production cost is essential.

Offset printing has major advantages in image quality and finishing options making it the most popular method of producing high quality products in high volume.

More than 99% of our production is done offset. 

There are three options for designing and customizing a product. Click a product on the left-hand panel and choose one of the options.

1. Custom Design: lets you customize the products. Click it to open the design studio and use multiple tools to create your own design.

2. Upload Design: using this option, you can upload your own JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, EPS, AI, PDF and PSD images.

3. Browse Design: use this to select hundreds of pre-loaded templates. Work on them or customize them through our design studio.

Text/Book Weights
100lb Gloss Book
100lb Dull Book
80lb Gloss Book
70lb Uncoated Premium Opaque
70lb Linen Uncoated


Cover/Cardstock Weights
16pt Premium Cardstock
14pt Premium Cardstock
14pt Pearl Metallic
18pt C1S (coated 1 side)
100lb Gloss Cover
100lb Linen Cover Uncoated


20pt White
20pt Frosted
20pt Transparent
10pt WeatherGuard™

Signage Materials
We offer a variety of materials for our signs and banners. Please refer to product information for materials.

UV Gloss:
A hard varnish coating similar to a clear coat in auto-painting. Highly reflective of light and appears to have a wet glassy look. UV Gloss is an all around coating suitable for most jobs. A common misconception is that “UV” stands for Ultra Violet protection. UV refers to the a production process of applying Ultra Violet light on the solvents to synthesize chemicals. One thing to note…you cannot write on UV Gloss unless it is with a permanent marker type of writing instrument.

Matte/Dull Coating:
This type of coating is relatively new to the industry. Matte is a soft non-shiny coating. Matte will not reflect light as sharply as UV Gloss. Light reflection of matte coating is subtle and soft. Unlike UV Gloss, you can write on matte coated products using pens or pencils. Matte will also resist finger prints much better than compared to UV Gloss.

AQ Matte Semi-Gloss:
This type of coating is featured mainly on 100lb book paper stocks. AQ is between UV Gloss and full matte. It is what it claims, the finish is a semi-gloss.

Spot UV:
Spot UV is essentially UV Gloss placed exactly where you want it. Utilized correctly, Spot UV can add dimension and depth to any print. “Less is more” is the suggested design route. You want to spice up the design by highlighting key elements to create depth and dimension. If you use too much, it will looks pretty much like a full UV Gloss effect. Use sparingly and at the right spots to create mesmerizing lighting effects.

Silk Laminate:
Silk Laminate is the latest and most luxurious coating available today. Described as divinely soft and milky, Silk Laminate commands respect and instant gratification. If you are looking for an elite style business card that is built to make a strong lasting impression, look no further. Silk Laminate cards exclusively printed on our heaviest 16pt cardstock to make a deeper impact. 

LiquiFoil™ is an additive for ink colors to transform into a glittering metallic finish. LiquiFoil™ works beautifully with multi-color gradients to reflect a "rainbow" style effect. We highly recommend adding either a full UV Gloss coating or Spot UV on top of LiquiFoil™ layers to maximize reflective effect.

Metallic Foil:
Metallic Foil is available in silver or gold foil colors. This traditional foil is the most reflective finish we offer in our line up of products. Used creatively, Metallic Foil can attract attention like a champion! highly recommends Silk Laminate coating with Metallic Foil for a brilliant combination.

Weather Guard™
Weather Guard™ is not really a coating but a special type of material that makes your print water proof and tear resistant. However, it is worth mentioning here as it is a special type of finish. Weather Guard™ essentially feels like several pieces of paper compressed together for a hard and dense single layer.


Essentially there are just 4 key components that make up a “print ready” file.

  1. Bleeds – A bleed is the extension of artwork beyond the boundaries of the trim line, essentially creating a slim expendable section of artwork that will be trimmed off to create a clean flush edge of ink. We recommend 1/8th inch bleed on all sides, however, we allow bleeds as little as 1/16th inch.
  2. Color Format – As all commercial printing uses 4 color technology (CMYK) for production, your artwork must be in CMYK color mode to be fully compliant. RGB is the color mode your monitor generates to display on your screen. Most digital photographs are in RGB as well as any images you might find on the web.
  3. High Resolution – For best results, all images and/or files should have minimum 300 DPI resolution. Save at 600 DPI if your system will allow it and if the files do not exceed 50 MB in size. Always review your design close up to check for anomalies and blurry images.
  4. File Prep – You can have a perfect setup with bleeds, clean high res images, and colors, but if you do not properly prep the file for commercial printing, it’s not print ready. Please refer to our “Guides & Tutorials” page for more information on File Prep .

PDF – We cannot stress enough the importance of submitting your artwork in PDF format. Simply put, when you save and submit PDF files, you create a tightly packed well organized bit of data that we use to produce your project. No other file format offers the functionality, flexibility, and most importantly, the best print quality, as a PDF.

Almost all software nowadays have the ability to “save as” or “export as” a PDF. If you simply do not have access to PDF formatted artwork or cannot export as a PDF, you can submit a high resolution (300 DPI or higher) JPG image file as an alternative to a PDF.

We can except native format files such as Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, or EPS, however, please package the file with all neccessary fonts and/or artwork components to avoid delays from conflicts of compatibility.


Sorry but we cannot split orders. Whenever anything changes on a file, no matter how minute, it requires a new set of plates. This means, the new artwork must be processed and configured for separate run which takes an entirely new setup.

The solution is to order two or more smaller quantities as sets. 

LiquiFoil™ is a foil additive that converts colors into a matte metallic finish. We like to think of it as liquid sand blasted glass. The light reflection is subtle, mystical, and attractive.

A heads up about LiquiFoil™. Colors tend to be darker when LiquiFoil™ is applied so adjust slightly lighter in shade…about 10% - 15% should do it.

* LiquiFoil™ is limited to certain products.

Weather Guard™ is a special material constructed to withstand harsh environments. Weather Guard™ products are water proof and tear resistant. For those that require toughness and durability, Weather Guard™ is your solution.

** Weather Guard™ is limited to certain products.

Metallic Foil looks like gleaming polished metal, similar to a bar of gold or silver. Light reflection contrast is high and sharp. Like any special effect design concept, use metallic foil sparingly for maximum effect. You want to extenuate key elements to draw attention. Too much foil and it could look tacky.

***Metallic Foil is limited to certain products. 


Standard turnaround for most of our products is 4 business days. Certain products which require additional finishing options can extend to 5 -7 business days as a standard turnaround. 

20pt plastic products are 7 business day standard production with 4 business day rush available for additional cost.

30mil plastic products require 10-14 business days depending on custom options.


Express 2 Business Day and Rush 1 Business Day are available on limited number of products with easly AM cutoff times in place.

Production times are separate from shipping transit times. Production Times + Shipping Transit = Estimated Time of Delivery.

Please note production turnaround times are not guaranteed, only an estimate of average turnaround times. 

Check the drop down menus for all available options.

Yes there are production cutoff times, however, because we have multiple facilities based throughout the U.S., there is no standard cutoff time. *We will always route your print order to the closest facilty where the order will be shipped dependent on production capabilities and queue availabilities. As a general rule, you can base your cutoff times from your local times.

Standard production cutoff time is *11am for your order to be processed the same business day. Express 2 Business Day or Rush 1 Business Day production requires orders be placed before 9am local facility time.

If you missed your cutoff time, your order will be processed for production on the following business day. Important to remember that there could be delays due to artwork issues. Please be sure to submit “print ready” artwork with your orders. Refer to our “Guides & Tutorials” page to learn how to setup properly for commercial print.

We ship everything through UPS and all orders must be shipped through our UPS system. Unfortunately, we are not able to ship using your personal accounts. This would cause delays and chaos with our logistics which heavily relies on automation.